Monday, October 20, 2003

Good morning; I couldn't sleep, so I've been working all night. What's up with that?

Nice weekend. Spent five hours on my bicycle, and completed the 55 mile course on the First Annual Shriners Fall Classic. I made it through by shameless sucking wheels whenever I could, but most of the riders were too fast for me to keep up for very long. Not bad ride organization for the first time of the event, and decent turn out. Some issues, though. Like the map. Well, we didn't get lost, and the weather was beautiful. You have to love the color waves of bright lycra and cleverly decorated aluminium and carbon fiber present at a group bicycle ride. Almost as good as a big sailing fleet going downwind. I'm not much for equipment; I ride what my wonderful husband buys, and he dresses me as well. Saturday, I had a lovely new set of matching Texas shorts and a jersey. The outfit was cool enough to generate a road conversation with a gentleman cruiser. What fun.

Sunday, I did laundry and cleaned my desk. It has a surface that is flat. How about that? I also finished a few more swatches, and started my next "conference call" project. Not really into details right now, but my oldest yarn has been calling. Remember that color changing mohair from the late 80's? Well, I have four pads of it that want to get used up. Kind of a bummer as I have a few sacks of new stuff that I was itching to get into. No pictures; it's dark, and almost time to walk Mr. Shiloh.

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