Thursday, October 09, 2003

Grrrr. I thought I was cooking on the bear sweaters. When I finished the one on Monday, I quickly completed the body and one sleeve of the next. Then life started back up, and not a stitch for a few days. I realized this morning that all sweaters need to be done by next Tuesday's guild meeting. My brain thought I had more time. Well, once I'm done complaining, I'll work on the second sleeve and listen to a conference call. More of the same tomorrow, so there is hope.

In the mean time, I'm itching to start a new project. Almost have hives about it. I want to finish up the fiddly projects, and the committed projects before a new one starts. So, I'll be itching for another month at least.

Camping with the Girl Scouts this weekend in beautiful Wimberly, TX. Our annual Leader/Daughter event, so I only need concern myself with my daughter and myself. Well, I'm on the planning committe, so I will be running a session on the Virginia Reel. Daughter will be helping in one of the craft rooms. May rain, but I don't care.

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