Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Good by bears! Hope you bring hope and joy to a child in the future.

Now, I'm down to two projects. Henry, and the Girl Scout vest. I reviewed some swatches with the winner of the vest, and she surprised me by choosing a direction that I didn't expect. More stash shopping, and swatching, and I don't want to do that until I have some time and sunlight on the weekend. So, Henry is coming out to be a chair project, and I'm picking a new project.

I am swimming in abundance. Here is a selection of the choices:
Vintage green wool/shetland wool from e-bay to make a sweater for a friend. He wanted "subtle". I'm thinking a knit/purl combo like the King Charles brocade or the tumbling blocks pattern from Barbara Walker 1.

Here is some multicolored wool from the bargan bin of the much loved Spindleshanks in Portland. Perfect colors for my sister, and enough to make a vest when paired with another wool. In this case, some amythest Brown Sheep sport from a sale display in Golden, CO from a few years back. I'm thinking a Turkish pattern from the Zillborg sock book, and I cord edges, but the purple may be too bright. Swatched already.

And some wonderful soft Klimatika from a recent yarn binge. This is a 50/50 wool/cotton in Burgandy, and the "Gatsby Vest" from the summer IK is calling to me.

So, I'll be swatch'n Swatchy for a few weeks.

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