Tuesday, September 30, 2003

When good plans go bad then go good again.

Saturday, I had in my hand a new ball of dark blue sock yarn to use with the leftover Wildefoote for a bear sweater. Last night, I could not find the stuff anywhere. Could it be that this yarn prefers to be a sock, and not a charity bear sweater? Is it hiding from me on purpose?

But bad turned to good. While searching the yarn stash I found some one ball wonders from some old grab bags, and some other odd balls from an e-bay purchase, and Viola! some nice bear sweater combos. I also got into some ancient hand me down sock yarn and re-rolled it, finding several bad bits. I threw away the dreck, and salvaged the parts that seem to be happy to be used for any reason at all. I feel so clean now.

Daughter needed to go to WallMart yesterday for replacement school supplies so I bought a few more bears to dress. I'm all ready to drive to Lousiana now.

I was tickled and warmed by the reaction from Maltese Knitter to a little comment. Don't we all get into the blogging stuff "for our own satisfaction"? Do we all secretly want to learn that we have developed a following of admirerers? Thanks, MK, you made my day too!

And all you all out ther - the comment button is there for you to punch.

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