Monday, September 08, 2003

Too much excitement on the morning dog walk. We heard all sorts of chittering, and from a neighbor's yard out popped a coyote with a wad of critter in it's mouth. Then out popped a bunch of upset looking racoons. The coyote looked at the street, and took off back into the yard. I'm guessing that he had one of their friends in his mouth, and was taking it out for breakfast. Nice coyote. The neighbors told me to make sure I got my cat inside at night because sometimes these guys ran up the ravine. I figured they were full of it. Here's what he looked like, but I don't remember the tail being so fluffy. Maybe it was because I was trying to figure out what was in his mouth.

We found GingGong up the tree on Sunday. Thought she was doing a fine wood duck imitation. Maybe she knew something we didn't.

I do live inside city limits of a large city. Really.

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