Friday, September 12, 2003


I have to join that "no yarn purchase" pact. (see Sweater Girl and Handknitter ) I cleaned my yarn room, and wow. It was as horrifying as it was delightful. I can knit my brains out for the next 50 years, and maybe make a dent. Well, knitted brains may be messy, but you get the point. My husband says that when I pass on, my daughter will re-sell all that e-bay yarn again. Maybe we should make the mills stop making new yarn until all the yarn in our closets gets used up? Nah.

I'm finding that when my husband goes away I sometimes get depressed, and hit e-bay or the mail order sites. I have some big boxes coming soon, and he was only away four days. Maybe it's all the stress from the company re-organization and merger rumours.

I need help to stop now.

Slip Stitching away.
There is a fellow in the office whose wife thought she went into labor on Monday, and she still hasn't delivered. So, what do I worry about? I'm down to one girly baby sweater in my baby box. Oh no! I cast on for what looks like a toddler size jacket in a mosiac pattern using pink on pink. I'm loving mosiac patterns with garter edges these days. Mosiac has got to be on the top ten list of knitting magic. They look so intricate, lie flat, and are sooooooo easy.

I'm three inches into it. so look for pictures on Monday.

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