Monday, September 22, 2003

And another Monday.
Cooler weather, but wet. Maybe Henry can come out from under the chair. His arms need finishing, and I just couldn't bear having him on my lap this summer. However, I'm bogged down with little projects. They are bugging my brain, as I think they should be done soon, but there are soooo so many of them.

I have two more mice to sew and stuff - should be done by Wednesday.

I have the second Queen SIL sock to do. Got started on the ride to the regatta. Not bad?

In case anyone cares, the regatta weather was perfect, the crew was fun to sail with, and we pulled a second out of a fleet of six. Much fun, and not too many boat bites either.

I didn't finish the body of the new baby mosiac sweater, but the fronts are done. An office baby was delivered yesterday to the mom who thought she was in labor two weeks ago. I hope to finish this in the next week so they can choose it, or not.

I've decided for sure to reverse the colors on the sleeves.

Then there is the Precious Pal project - want to do one more bear sweater before the October guild meeting. I'm thinking another mosiac with the leftover Wildefoote and some navy sock yarn I've got in the stash. Something like an Itty Bitty Teddy Toyko

(Photo Credit: I ripped the photo off of Handkintter Sara Peasley's blog. And did I mention that I very much admire the jacket, and have it on a project list somewhere. )

So, the baby sweater first, then quick on the socks so I know how much leftovers are available for the bear, and whoops, what about the mice? How did I get here? Yeesh. Henry is staying under the chair for at least three more weeks regardless of the weather. Poor Henry.

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