Thursday, September 04, 2003

A sock for a queen?

You can't quite tell, but this sock has some of the Mrs. Montegue lace from Barbara Walker's first book. According to BW, this was a pattern that was used for Queen Elizabeth's stockings. The notion I had was that my SIL is part of a Rennasance Faire guild, and does a lot of dress up and costume study. While this sock would not be worn in a Faire costume, it is the Queens color, and the Queens pattern - how fun is that? I'm not sure it's so great in modern sock yarn, but I'm about to cast on for the second one. Maybe I'm not thrilled because I have been overwhelmed with the drudgery of life, and everything feels either boring or tiresome.

Now, here is someone who is not feeling bored or tiresome:

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