Monday, September 29, 2003

What a weekend. As expected, not a lot of knitting, but I managed to grab some time here and there to stay on schedule.

Friday found me behind schedule, but on the way to finishing the toddler jacket.

We spent Saturday at an amusement park that was closed to the public and open only to scouts. Great time; not too motion sick; girls had fun; no sunburn. Successful day. I went to bed at 8:30.

Sunday morning, instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to go on a group bicycle ride, we slept in. I was able to spend some time while the family was sleeping to finish the mice. So, they will go in the mail today.

We did go biking in the afternoon. What a nice day. My husband and daughter ride a tandem, and they were in fine form, leaving me behind several times. I'm fine with that, and while I was pedaling along, considering my next knitting project, and admiring the fall wild flowers, I saw people falling from the sky. Lots of them. I had no idea the ride took us next to a small air field that hosted parachute people. I slowed down, and watched about twenty of them and their colorful 'chutes land on the field just across the street. Way more colorful than cows.

So, the jacket did get worked in the car both ways, and I ended up with about ten row to go when we got home. I collapsed for a few hours nap instead of finishing. We got up and saw Pirates of the Carribean, and I was awake enough after the movie to finish. See?

All she needs is buttons.

Loved Jonnie Depp. He's on my "hottie" list.

And Bonus this week -
Road trip to Louisiana.
I don't think I'll drive, so I'll be finished with all the pesky little projects for sure, leaving only the Girl Scout vest, and Henry.

I'm feeling better now.

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