Thursday, September 25, 2003

A plan forms.

Here are the projects and what needs to be done:
Toddler Jacket - 1 arm and finishing
Mice - Sew, stuff and mail
SIL Xmas Sock - one done, second half way thru foot
Bear Sweater - waiting for sock to be done so it can be made from leftovers
Custom Vest I donated to a Girl Scout Leader - swatch approval friday
Henry8 - one and a half arms to go.

I have a two hour training today and two team calls on Friday, so I ought to be able to get the second arm on this baby/toddler jacket and finish it off. I also have a Girl Scout leader meeting, so I can show the swatches for my prize vest to the winner for selection.
I'll also stuff and sew mice so I can get them out of the house

check and check

Weekend will be busy with Girl Scouts and a bicycle ride. Finish the toddler jacket if it was not completed, or work on the sock during the drives.

Next week, the sock gets finished, and I can get going on the second bear sweater. Got the bear; found the blue yarn to use. Bear sweater needs to be done for an October 14th guild meeting.

Then the only IOU/UFO's will be the Vest and Hank. The vest is in worsted and I should be able to finish it by the end of October. Probably earlier. I'll probably have homework for the TGKA convention I've signed up for.

Then, the hard part. What, on my extensive project list to tackle next? What in my astonishing stash do I want to work on? Hmmmmm

A peek at the toddler jacket:

Is it the shadow, or does the color reversal hurt your eyes too? I like that in a baby sweater.

Wish me success with my plans.
Happy weekend.

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