Monday, January 23, 2006

Circle Square update.

I rip out and did start again, and the guage and measurements are what I wanted. We are at 3.5 repeats, and I've figureed out how to deal with all the ends when the squares all come together.

This is how, in case anyone is wondering...

I like to weave in over two rows, so the tail goes back and forth.

Row 0 = purl row before the big change, weave in "old" ends. This is tricky, as the circle colors are only on three stitches.
Row 1 Add new colors, and weave in their new tails. Same problem with 0. Flip up tails from Old colors. This is a slow row, and I can't do it when tired, drinking, or watching TV.
Row 2 Weave new colors back. Flip up tails from old colors
Row 3 Finish old colors.

I'm also remembering how thrilling those sweaters can be. They are a real mess, but watching the patterns and colors develop is fun fun fun.

Poetry sleeves haven't been started. Poor girl. I should get back to her this week. She thanks you for the kind comments.

So, it will be sleeves, sleeves sleeves here in Swatchyland.

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