Monday, January 16, 2006

Kaffe adventure installment.

Last time we checked, some 30 to 40 skeins of worsted stash yarn were resting in a basket. The next benchmark was to make what I call a "sleeve swatch". I guess at the gauge, cast on what I think will be the number of stitches for the cuff, and start knitting, increasing one stitch each side every four rows. I have found that is just about right for sleeve increases regardless of gauge. If I guess correctly, I have four or five inches of sleeve when I stop to check. Then, I calculate the rest of the sweater. If not, well, a swatch is needed in any event, and I get to learn about the pattern and yarns, and how the colors work together.

So, here it is, somewhat fuzzy, but one gets the idea. I guessed wrong enough to need to take it out. This is disappointing, but also sort of good news. The true gauge is 4 st/inch, which is gigantic compared to what I have been working the last few years. I was pleased to see how fast this swatch grew, and when I cast on with fewer stitches, it will be even better.

I have also re-learned some things about weaving in those ends. If I hold two strands together, they really show through. Thus, a plan is required to deal with them. Not a problem for three of the four places where the colors all change. Notice that working from the bottom, the small "corner" segments end, then a new "quarter" starts four rows later, and four rows after that two new "corners". This is managable. However, every time we come to the beginning/end of the circles there will be intersections where two new and two old ends need to be dealt with.


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