Monday, January 30, 2006

Nothing worth taking a picture of this morning.

I've been toying with entering the Elann shawl contest. I've been doing swatches on old acrylic yarn to better understand how the shape will work, as I've not made too many shawls. I'm thinking about reversible cables, and some lace ladders to lighten it up.

However, a comment on my wonderful husband, and how he likes what I make for him. He has always worn his hand knit sweaters. Here, in Texas, there is not so much opportunity, but this winter, if you can call it that, whenever the temperature has moved towards 60 degrees, he's put on his new cable sweater. Last week, he put it on inside out, and thought it looked good. I think that's a complement. This weekend he wore it with his Hawaiian shorts. Nice look. Henry8 has been out to dinner, and to the theater as well.

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