Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year.

We are back from a fabulous vacation. This was finished before we left. So, this little hat would be the last FO for 2005

Note to self. Don't fly Air Bahama. Unless, of course, you like to miss connections, arrive in the wrong place without your luggage, and sit in transit lounges on your vacation. If you like that, then Air Bahama is your kind of airline. Harsh, but our experience, and what seems to be typical. Of course it all makes sense when you hear the story. Our flight was late out of Nassau. Of course, it was the first flight of the day; the one that ought to go out on time. By the time our flight arrived in Nassau, the flight to Long Island had left, but the agent rushed us, without our luggage, through the airport and planted us on a flight that was being held for us, and another group. That was sweet, and very appreciated. So off we go to Long Island, but we landed on the other side of the island than our intended destination, and without our luggage. I suppose it beats being stuck on Nassau without luggage. It was all straight by the next day, though I'm still not clear as to how our luggage got through customs without us. Some things are best not understood. We noticed that most of the people at our resort that arrived via Air Bahama, also managed to make it before their luggage arrived. We noticed that in the transit lounge on the way out, all flights ran about two hours late, and the day was clear. Contental flights left on time. We also noticed that the Nassau/Miami flight was over booked and many Miami passengers ended up on our flight to Lauderdale. I guess their idea is to get the passengers close to where they thought they would end up, and deal with the luggage later. Makes me wonder how any luggage arrives on time, since the flight you are on is probably carrying luggage for the previous flight passengers, so yours would have to wait.

Other than that, the resort was splendid and the holiday was wonderful.

On the flight to Florida I worked on the Rose Trellis shawl. I remember finishing a half repeat during the flight, and figuring out how many hours it would take to finish the shawl. I don't remember the calculation, as that was many snorkel dives and rum punches ago. I do remember thinking that it would probably take just about the entire vacation to finish. I was right. Even with two hours waiting at the Long Island airport, and another three in the Nassau transit lounge on our return, the thing was not quite done. I finished it just as we pushed back from the gate in Lauderdale on our way to Houston. How about that?

So, presenting the first Swatchy FO of 2006.

and because it looks cool, some detail...

That's not all, but it's all for now. Check back later for more vacation notes, and what I knit between Ft. Lauderdale and Houston.

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