Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shilo models the "Branching Out" scarf project. Nice project for TV, school pickup waiting and so on.

More vacation. Non knit content.

Probably the highlight of the trip was taking daughter snorkeling. She's not a great swimmer, or comfy in the water. I was hesitant to purchase fins and mask/snorkel for her before we left, but the dive shop was having a super sale, so we did, and also a nice skin suit so she could float with reduced risk of burn.

The very first day was a complementary snorkel boat trip sponsored by the resort. The resort owner was great, stating that lost luggage was no reason to lose a day of vacation. We borrowed their equipment, bathing suits from SIL and off we went. It was a bit windy where we stopped with some current running. Daughter got her gear on, flopped into the water, and immediately popped up and yelled "WOW". She had a bit of trouble clearing her snorkel and needed some coaching on how to use her fins effectively, but after that, she was on her way. Later in the trip, we visited a "blue hole". Again, she was the first in the water, and took a peek, and popped up with a "Wow, that's a big hole", which at 660 feet, it certainly was.

We snorkeled of did SCUBA almost every day of the trip.

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