Monday, January 09, 2006

Many colorful pictures today

First, a Poetry in stitches update. The body is off the needles, steeks cut and shoulders knitted together. I put a little shaping in the shoulders and back neck, so I have some ends to clean up. She looks sort of messy and sad with no arms, and all the curly edges.

I added a detail on the shoulder for the seam. The large motif was difficult to center over the arm holes, and I wanted my seam to have matching motifs.

And the oh so popular shot of the inside showing the floats.

I think I'll work I cord edges and clean up the body before starting on the sleeves. Right now, I'm thinking double three stitch I cord edge in light blue, but I may pick up in avocado, and then do blue.

In the mean time....

I joined another Knit Along. This would be the Kaffe Fasset KAL sponsored by Sam at Blythe Dance

This is perfect for me, because I have been rationalizing my yarn acquisition habit by claiming "I'm collecting for a Kaffe". Now, if you look at my Gallery, you will see no Kaffes. I've done a "Tumbling Blocks", and several baby and child sized "Box Stripes", but those were years ago. Well, the time is now.

So here is my process for putting this together.

First, narrow down something. I decided on a few patterns. I've been comming back to the "Circle Square" and "Split Diamond" patterns.

Second, I pulled out all my worsted stash yarn and threw it all around. Then I sort of sorted it into color groups. Did I mention I had an acquisition problem? This is not nearly all of it, and a lot of those skeins have "friends" still in the bin.

Third, I decided for sure on Circle Square, and really liked the Zoe Hunt red/green colorway. So, I needed two color groups. I sorted out red/magenta for one group, and green/blue for the other. I added some "pop" colors, and here is where I ended up.

Reds to red purple. No true purple or bluish purples. Some pinks and coral for "pop". Over 20 colors to choose from.

Greens to blues, with turquoise and mints to "pop". Maybe 20+ again; didn't count. I may pull out the mints towards the bottom, as I think they will read too light.

Then I put them into baskets, and took a rest.
By the way, I only spent an hour including clean up.

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RheLynn said...

Oh my word, what yarn! And that is a good thing ;o)