Thursday, May 08, 2003

Added some more buttons to my template. We're cooking now

Finshed the lace section for the "Lydia's Lace" baby sweater, and took a pic. It's so lumpy before blocking. Now, it is the perfect conference call project. I can keep my brain from wandering during the long calls, and stay awake as well if I have some simple knitting to do as well.

I've not been much of a joiner, but I'm thinking of doing the "tank girl" knit along project that is on the blueblog. The chosen pattern looks to plain for my knitting taste, so I'll do one from a 1999 Vogue Knitting magazine. I've been looking at it for a while, and I have some cotton/rayon yarn in very stylish orange with fuchia and yellow flecks that ought to work out at the correct guage. If not, I'll recalculate the pattern.

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