Friday, May 09, 2003

I re-knit the tank swatch using No3 needles and it came out spot on. Now I have another mindless project for catching up on all the training conference calls I've missed recently. My department records them, and I can pull them down in MP3 formant, and listen to them later. Unfortunately, that tempts one to not attend the live session, as sooooo many other activities can't be put off. So, now I'm about twenty hours behind. Well, my husband is going away for a week or so, so maybe I can catch up on the evenings.

The baby sweater is coming along. I've separated front and back, and am up the the neck on one side of the front. The pattern wants you to put buttons on the back, but I prefer to make it cardigan with buttons in the front.

I'm hoping to get a comment link up this weekend. Not sure if it is urgent. This blog is so new, I don't know if anyone is looking at it yet. If I get it done, I can stop messing with the template.

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