Thursday, May 15, 2003

More conversations with Henry
"Hey, Hank, look at what I got for you."
"Wake up, I got you a new needle. Number 3, sixteen inch"
"For your arms, silly. That long needle won't be comfortable, and double points would be awkward"
"Is this a trick to start on that tank behind my back?"
"See how nice it is? It's Bamboo"
"Yes, I've never used a bamboo needle before. I got it special for you"
"I can tell you are excited - you're loosing stiches"

"So, Swatchy, did I see you with something fuzzy last night?. And I don't mean the dog"
"Ummmm, I suppose you did"
"What's up with that?"
"Well, school's out soon, and I wanted to make something for the school bus driver. I decided on a Feather and Fan pattern wrap. I'm using some really ancient Hayfield Changes. It's mohair, and really hairy"
"That's silly"
"Do you remember how long it took and how many times I had call and complain because the school bus didn't come? This lady really improved my life. I want to say thank you"
"I meant the mohair. Mohair is silly"
"Well, I think so too, but it seemed so fabulous way back when. Before I met up with you sophisticated shetland types. Might as well use it up."
"When are you going to work on it?"
"Well, I have a car trip comming up next week, and I don't have to drive, so I'll probably be able to pound it out then. It's going really fast. Almost six inches just yesterday"
"Won't that dumb baby sweater get jealous"
"She's almost finished, see? I had a meeting on Tuesday night, and some lobby time at the car repair place. I'll be cleaning up ends over the weekend"
"When are you going to clean up my ends?"
"Ummmm. we'll discuss this later. I need to go to work"

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