Thursday, May 29, 2003


Sat through daughter's school awards ceremony, and worked on tank. Man, those things are tedious. Tank now measures 9.5" from the bottom. One more inch, and it will be time to separate for the arm holes. Here's a shot:

And here's a close up to show the little color flecks in the yarn

I've been swatching. I dontated a custom designed vest to the Girl Scout Leader recognition. Did the design consult, and boy were we creative. My "client" spent four hours going through all my magazines, and discussing ideas and picking colors and motifs. What fun! Shirtail hem, colors along the line of Philosopher's Wool "Night Sky" scheme, South West motifs, she picked three to use, and side to side construction so that the colors would run vertically. We have a large bust, you see. Like 50", so I"m looking at about 56" chest for this baby. Whew. Good thing I'm using worsted about about 4.5stiches/inch.

Here are some tries. Not sure I have it yet. And, of course, the camera does not show the colors as correctly as we would like.

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