Monday, May 19, 2003

Yawn, ouch.

Took my Girl Scout troop to an awesome water park and camping this weekend. I'm way tired and sore. The girls had fun, and they did a nice job putting up their tents in the dark. Extra bonus, no screaming and fighting when they took them down. They often surprise me, as they fight like cats during our meetings, but somehow get it together on the trips.

So Girl Scouts is over for a few months. I will probably make a camp reservation for September, but that's pretty much it for the summer. Except, I donated a custom designed vest for a leader recognition auction. First time I've ever volunteered something like that. I'm getting more confidant in my skills, I suppose. The winner comes over this week some time for a measurment and design consult. Should be fun - she has aready told me she likes BRIGHT colors, and lots of them. Cool, I was worried the winner would want basic neutural. She's big, too. I intend to use worsted weight out of my stash, so the larger size just improves the design choices in my point of view. This project will sit until Wrap, Henry, and Tank are finished. Not a problem, as it won't be cool enough to even think about wool around here until October.

With all the weekend activity, not a lot of knitting action. Tank is languishing in the living room. Bus driver wrap is about 12" now.

There was a question about the Lydia buttons. They are little plastic bows. Pretty cute. Got them at JoAnn's. Maybe I'll add a picture, but I don't feel like going through that process right now.

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