Monday, May 05, 2003

Trying to work out a two or three color approach for my friend. I usually like fairisle, and fairly strong graphics. He likes "subtle", and pointed at some of the most boring models in the magazines were were looking through. He does not get his sweater until we are both pleased. The other rule is that we must choose out the abundant stash that I currently have. Why buy when I already have a roomful of yarn? Figuring out how to use it is part of the creative process.

That being said, here are some attempts to get something that he will like, and that I can stand:

tricolor fabric stich from Barbara Walker Vol 1, page 57

cactus flower from Barbara Walker Vol 2, pg 103.

They look light to me, but I don't think I have enough charcoal gray to do 1/3 of an adult sweater.

More trials to come

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