Friday, May 16, 2003

Yesterday was a good knitting day. Sitting through a 5th grade singing and dancing presentation, I was able to finish up knitting the Lydia sweater. About an hour of work in the evening, and all done. Katherine of WabiSabi did the design for the XRX book, and was sweet enought to leave a comment and a link to the somewhat grown up "Lydia". And you may notice a few design changes. First, I put the buttons on the front; the design in the book the sweater buttons up the back. Second, I pick up the armhole, and knit down instead of making separate sleeve pieces and sewing it all together.

Allison of BlueBlog encouraged me to start the tank yesterday, as she is the hostess of the tank girl knit along. I want to do this in the round instead of pices, so I had read the pattern and had to sort of chart how the edges worked. Sure enough, there were a few selvage stiches that I had to take out to get the pattern to work right. Knit a few rows, but then Ihad to stop. Fatigue, and I'm not exactly sure where my cable needle is. Well, I know where it is, but I have to move a lot of stuff around to get to it.

Shiloh says let's go walk.

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