Friday, May 23, 2003

It's outta here!

Sheesh. What a bad attitude for a project that was spur of the moment, and while it didn't meet my expectations came out just fine, and on time too. The "use up the wierd Hayfield Changes" mohair wrap for the bus driver only had two rows of yarn left before casting off. I finished with about an inch of tail. Yikes. It blocked to about 42". Shorter than I would have liked, but long enough to wrap around my shoulders like a stole. In afterthought, I should have cast on for the length I wanted, since that was the important dimension, and worked to whatever width I ended up with. It may have draped better as well. Oh well. I remembered this morning I had some nice bamboo pins that I purchased in Korea a long time ago. I meant to give them as gifts here and there, but they are all still in a plastic bag in my yarn room. Lucky me, I was able to find it, and here is the nice pin that I attached to the wrap:

Here is my daughter trying to be dramatic and sophicisticated modeling the thing:

We gave it to our driver this morning, and see seemed to be delighted. Mission accomplished.

Now, on to the tank.

I was able to get through about a skein last night, and have about 2.25". That's great, as the armholes are at 10.5", so I have plenty of yarn. I have one more cable to go, then it's k2p2 rib until the arm hole separation. I like the little flecks of yellow and fuchia.

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