Monday, May 12, 2003

Henry crawled out from under the chair this weekend, and now has most of his neck. Boy was he grumpy. He complained about how I had been spending too much time with those mindless baby sweaters. "We had a deal", he reminded me. "When you sit in our special chair, you are supposed to work on me. The silly little projects are for conference calls, waiting rooms, and the swimming pool."

"OK", I said, "but there was a baby shower, TWINS for goodness sake. I had a rush going on"

"Bad excuse. I know you finished that sweater for the second twin a week ago. It's been waiting for buttons. You've been distracted by setting up that stupid blog. You've been working on that floozy lace bit for the past week, and left me here to rot. You just got discouraged because Wendy finshed hers in the time it took you to get from the underarm to the neck. Get over it, girlfriend"

"Oh, Hank, I'm so sorry. The new lacy baby sweater did keep me from you longer than I had intended. But, look at her, she's so cute. But we're together again, and doesn't that neck feel nice? I'll weave in the ends on your body next before we go cut open your arms. You know you are going on vacation with us in a few weeks, don't you?"

"Really? Are we going to the beach again?"

"We sure are. By the way, I notice that you have been using the only No3 circular in the house. Could I borrow it for this little tank number I want to start?"

"No way. It's my needle. She can go get her own. Humph. I'm not sitting under the chair until vacation, just because you have a little tank girl thing going."

"OK, Hank, you can keep your needle. You certainly outrank any tank top project."

"Humph. I'm named after a King, you know."

"Yeah, yeah, so is my dog"

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